Restoration Services

Dow Corning® AllGuard Silicone Elastomeric Coating is a one-component, pigmented, water-based silicone elastomer designed to waterproof above-grade exterior masonry substrates, such as concrete block, fluted block, brick, stucco, synthetic stucco, poured concrete, precast concrete, exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS) and previously coated masonry substrates. AllGuard provides long-term waterproofing protection by maintaining water protection properties even when exposed to sunlight, rain, snow, or temperature extremes. AllGuard is available in 55 standard colors and unlimited custom colors.

Dow Corning® 123 Silicone Seal is a pre-formed, ultra-low modulus silicone extrusion that is bonded to substrates using Dow Corning® 791 Silicone Perimeter Sealant or Dow Corning® 795 Silicone Building Sealant. It is specifically designed for use in repair of failed construction joints and glazing details due to design error, field failure or when the life span of sealants and gaskets has expired. It can be used in cutting-out and recaulking existing failed weatherproofing sealants and as a restoration joint on EIFS at both the EIFS-to-EIFS joints and window perimeter joints and can provide a complete weatherseal system when used with Dow Corning® AllGuard Silicone Elastomeric Coating

CHEM-CRETE YUFIX CCC1000 is a unique clear catalyzed non-hazardous water repellent product, it is an alternative to hazardous Silane and Siloxane products, it is non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless, and contains no VOCs. CHEM-CRETE YUFIX CCC1000 is an economical water-based concrete, masonry deep penetrating liquid formulation used as a water repellent and sealer for all concrete and masonry substrates on vertical applications. CHEM-CRETE YUFIX CCC1000 chemically reacts with CO² in the atmosphere to become an integral part of the concrete or masonry substrate.

CHEM-CRETE YUFIX CCC1000 penetrating concrete sealer and water repellent contains no silane/siloxane or sodium silicate ingredient, it is a proprietary formulation of clear solution derived from a group of active chemicals. CHEM-CRETE YUFIX CCC1000 chemical action results in a permanent seal of the concrete or masonry substrate pores and void walls to block the ordinary capillary action of water. CHEM-CRETE YUFIX CCC1000 produces a highly effective and breathable sealer, it forms a barrier within the substrate, further protecting from weathering and helps keep treated surfaces cleaner by resisting the entrance of air-borne dirt, acid rain, smog, industrial pollutants and most other atmospheric chemicals. CHEM-CRETE YUFIX CCC1000 eliminates efflorescence, and spalling from freeze/thaw cycles.

CHEM-CRETE YUFIX CCC1000 is furnished in complete solution and only requires agitation. The active ingredients form a breathable moisture barrier within the treated substrate. CHEM-CRETE YUFIX CCC1000 is colorless, non-staining, non-film forming and will not yellow. It is formulated to protect dense concrete and masonry surfaces in one application, without altering the color, texture or appearance of the masonry surface. CHEM-CRETE YUFIX CCC1000 is used above grade to protect against water and moisture penetration.