Protective Glazing and Security Sealants

DowSil® 995 Silicone Structural Sealant is a high ultimate tensile strength sealant ideally suited for structural bonding and protective glazing applications. In controlled bomb-blast application testing conducted by Dow, 12 kilos of TNT were exploded 6.5 meters away from a 12 x 12-meter glass curtainwall panel structurally glazed on all four sides with a DowSil silicone structural glazing adhesive/sealant. While the glass broke during the explosion, the facade stayed largely in place, thanks to the strength and flexibility of the sealant. The new Lloyd D. George Courthouse in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a silicone structural glazing project designed to offer increased protection to building occupants in the event of a nearby bomb blast.

Pecora Dynaflex SC is a unique one part, non-sag, tamper resistant elastomeric STPU (silyl-terminated polyurethane) joint sealant with many of the strengths of two-component security sealants but with the user-friendly ease-of-application properties of a one-component sealant. Dynaflex™ SC is designed to achieve high tensile and tear strengths, abrasion resistance and an average ultimate hardness of at least 55, yet still withstand 25% total joint movement. As a result, this rugged but flexible sealant is ideally suited for use in institutional and correctional complex security installations but performs equally well in other public buildings and facilities where ordinary sealants are easily damaged or torn out by idle tampering and acts of vandalism.