Engineering Review

For projects requiring structural sealant technology and subsequent structural warranties, Dow Corning must review all structural details before any approval or acceptance is given. Typical horizontal and vertical details, plus any non-typical details, should be submitted for review. Also provide elevations indicating glass dimensions and design windload values for the building. Dow Corning has found that a few underlying principles are critical to consider in virtually all joint designs using silicone sealants. Dow Corning will review joints for compliance with these underlying design principles, provide suggestions or changes and/or identify limitations of the designs. It will also allow Dow Corning’s technical staff to check that all components that will need to be tested as part of the project review have been supplied. This will include bonding substrates, spacers, setting blocks, gaskets, etc.

This process typically takes 2-3 weeks, but is critical in the approval of the sealant for the structural application. Sealant Sales can help with the completion and submission of the provided application form.