Lunch and Learn Seminars

AIA/CES Lunch & Learn Seminars from Dow Corning

Dow Corning®, an American Institute of Architects approved continuing education provider, offers five one-hour seminars designed to help architects

  • Meet mandatory continuing education requirements
  • Keep current about changing building practices and technologies
  • Obtain new knowledge and skills

Each one-hour presentation is worth one Health, Safety and Welfare learning unit, as recognized by the AIA/CES. Seminars are conducted at your location over the lunch hour. Lunch and learning materials are provided. AIA credit is available.
AIA – Continuing Education

Course List
001 Silicone Sealants for Construction
Focuses on the basic roles of building sealants and the most common types of sealant applications, including weatherseal and structural glazing

002 Silicone Sealants and Coatings for Building Restoration
Promotes a better understanding of sealant chemistry, properties and application techniques, including good joing design

003 Silicone Sealants for Structural and Protective Glazing
Covers glazing for new construction and retrofitting, promotes a better understanding of glazing designs and techniques, and provides timely information on the recent advances in protective glazing to negate severe weather, criminal activity or bomb blasts

004 Determining the Cause of Joint Failure
Discusses the most prevalent causes of sealant failure in today’s construction applications, identifies symptoms typically associated with one type of failure versus another and provides procedures for identifying the root cause (or causes) of that failure as a prerequisite for successful remediation.

005 Construction Aesthetics
Reviews industry research regarding the aesthetic attributes of various sealant types on both a product-specific and generic type basis. The presentation reveals that there is variation in sealant aesthetics within a generic sealant type and concludes that sealant aesthetics instead depend on the specific product formulation and how it performs in a given environment

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